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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

My name is Alex. I am a thirteen year old boy writing to you from British Columbia, Canada in gratitude for your strongly held non-belief in religion. UntiI was about 11 I was like my parents agnostic/irreligious; I had school too much on my mind. Then I learned about evolution in school and my interest in religion or lack thereof was born. It’s thanks to ‘The God Delusion’ that my lack of faith was affirmed. Faith schools are less prevalent in BC I feel sorry for the amount of religious indoctrination in children like me. I have attempted to spread the word of atheism but even the Christians seem to have no better answer than ” the Bible says you’re wrong”. I see this as quite pathetic and to this day my greatest wish is that for the world to come to grips with the facts: “there is no god”. Once again that you for enforcing my atheism and comprehension of evolution.

From probably your only fan in my school,

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