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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Richard Dawkins

I’m a 23 years old guy, from a little town in south Italy.

Despite my english could not be the best one in this web space, my experience is genuine and my words are filled with admiration for Your words from both your books and documentaries.

I’m not a “fresh converted”, but in a certain way, i just discovered to be a non believer studying science: at school i did not study science very well, since the humanist matters have the upper hand in this country’s liceums, but fortunally, my personal tastes driven me to watch documentaries, read science books or simply admire nature in the beautiful anviroinment here in Italy. I was brought up in a catholic town, in Capri island (you may know about it, it’s a famous place).

But before moving my interest in (discarding) religion beliefs, i was simply a “sleeping” agnostic. It just happened that reading your books and wathing your documentaries (along with many other sources of informations, like univeristy studies and books from italian atheist authors like P.G.Odifreddi) i finally realised and an atheist, or to better say, a non-believer, has the RIGHT to rise his voice and let the humanity know it’s not the center of the universe, but just a small, insignificant part of it. This because it’s better to be counsciuss knowing the truth (which is that we don’t know the truth), than believe in something clarely false, and being happy for that…

I’m also writing a book about the incompatibility between religion and reason, hoping to release it before the end of this year, i will dedicate it also to You, along with other bright intellectuals who contributed to open my mind, and letting my troughts come out freely.

I just take the spot to thank You, Richard, for sharing your ideas and trying open people’s minds about their desperate and wonderful condition on this earth: we are animals.

I hope my nglish errors are not so drastic.

Daniele Ferraro

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