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Jan 29, 2013

I can only dream that Mr. Dawkins himself would read this, though that seems naive at best. I just wanted to say thank you, to both Mr. Dawkins and everyone that makes his message stand strong against the slathering hordes of ignorance and superstition. To the person who reads this: Thank you. I have no doubt yours is a boring and somewhat thankless task, but I hope that you and your family enjoy the holidays in whatever way you choose.

I once put my faith in god to carry me through the darkness of life, and several suicide attempts later realized how foolish I was being to reject science in favor of some intangible invisible impossibility. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my most recent suicide attempt, and with the help of medicine, science, and compassion from my fellow man, I am not only alive but happy.

Thank you for tending the light. Hopefully someday everyone will see it.

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