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Jan 29, 2013


Got your book “God delusion” yesterday (just got translated in my language) , didn’t even finished but writing this e-mail. I live in Lithuania, my name is Emilis I’m 17 year old . As a man of science I already was atheist (before the book), came to that conclusion long ago. But it is always good to learn. I was raised in catholic family but it never sticked on me, I was always looking for answers even as a little kid.

I am really enjoying your book, every paragraph gives my a brainstorm and I have to stare with blank look at one spot at the wall till I think it all though ant fully realize the weight of your words and agree or disagree(not really happening) with what you think. You say some atheist live in a closet, I never been there I was always trying to open other peoples minds to atheism or clear thinking but keep failing when trying to explain that you can’t get right from adding two wrongs. This book should help me a lot because I had some similar ideas but didn’t had the words to express it.

Thank you, and goodbye.

P.S. Lets start the “atheist” religion witch includes beer and nude girls. I think then atheism wold start an unstoppable exponential growth. (joke)

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