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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,

Having read some of the letters written by religious apologists in the the ‘Ugly’ section, it seems clear to me that withregards to faith (in light of the advancements we have made and the information at our finger tips) there are three of stand point in western society:
1) Those who know deep down that religion does not make sense but nevertheless follow the crowd instead of ‘rocking the boat’.
2) Those who have failed -and do not want- to look into the facts and/or reach a logical conclusion.
3) Those who wouldn’t know a logical conclusion if it turned itself into wine!…and therefore find the obvious cognitive dissonance inherent in the bible stories and all other theistic narratives as no hurdle or obstacle at all.

People that fall into the first bracket need reassurance and to know they are not alone. People that fall into the second bracket (who are usually those that will argue intelligent design and other tortuous precepts) need scientific and moral truths to be highlighted as relentlessly as they would have you hear the word of the lord. Finally, those who fall into the third category should not be treated as those in the first two, as they truly are ‘ENEMIES OF REASON’, and should be avoided and marginalised until they snap out of their so far tolerated mania.

If we can differentiate, we may yet illuminate.

Thank you for reading.

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