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Jan 29, 2013

Richard Dawkins,

First and foremost, thank you. You are an inspiration to me and are one of my heroes. I am fifteen years old and I live in a small town in the bible belt in the southern U.S. and I am an essentially isolated atheist. As a young child I was exposed to Christianity and until around thirteen I considered myself a Christian. However there were many things that troubled me about the implications of the bible ( on the assumption that it is a valid and true text). I had a really hard time wrapping my head around the supposed age of the Earth and the flood and the trinity ( one god or three?) and it suddenly occurred to me one day that perhaps God does not exist and that alternative theories were better explanations of our existence and of other Phenomena.

I came to accept this as the truth but had no confidence in it and no real support. Then I read your book. It provided me with the absolute confidence I needed and allowed me to discover that I am far from alone. I am actually very fascinated with evolution and other branches of science now. In fact, I intend to become a physicist; i delight in the subject. If your aim has been to promote science and reason and to show that your fellow atheists are not alone, then you have succeeded. Once again, thank you.

Warmest regards,

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