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Jan 29, 2013

Thank you for presenting the case for atheism in such clear and eloquent terms. After learning of your work from Douglas Adams in “The Salmon of Doubt”, I have listened to your audiobook “The God Delusion”.

Well Done, Sir.

I have also sought out some of your BBC videos and found them to be a treat.

Here in the U.S., blind devotion to ancient religions is commonplace and I’ve had many frustrating conversations with people who believe deeply and literally in a book they haven’t bothered to read.
If I might be so bold as to suggest another project for you, as it would be so helpful in these discussions.

A “pocket-guide”, concisely describing the “best-of” contradictions and fallacies in the Bible, along with the basic explanations of natural selection and scientific method.

I dream of a reference that could lead a truth seeker in a course of Bible study that would lead any reasonable person to the inescapable realization that the bible is fictional.

I often hear that “Only Jesus rose from the dead” …Therefore the Bible (and only the Bible) is true.
If there was a reference that demonstrated the many such resurrections in other myths, the “borrowings” from other texts such as virgin births and creation or flood stories and similarities between various myths, and the silly reliance on mystical numerology and astrology would be shocking to American Christians.

I thank you sir, for lighting a torch of reason in a world of superstitious darkness.


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