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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr dawkins,

This is the second time i have mailed you.

I had, for a long time, contemplated the probability of there being a devine power. I now feel confident enough to display my opinion and thoughts about the matter, due to educational books from yourself Hitchens and Dennett.

Your book The God Delusion was completely and utterly awe inspring to me, it made me feel good, not “sinful” or “wrong” it made me feel, at long last, perfectly human. Matters such as those that I, along with so many here in Northern Ireland face are as most know, but little admit, completely and utterly ridiculous and hell bent on violent outcomes. Your writing has made me see what is real, or should i say, feel company when expressing my opinions. I Read the God Delusion a few years ago, but have since followed your work and feel, each time i read them, fullfilled and enllightened with the information, its not only educating me but giving purpose and belief in how i am here. There is no devine purpose for me, no god watching over my every step and no spirit ready to forgive me, or for that matter make me feel that i need forgiven. In this country as you know, Protestant and Catholics basically believe the same thing on different terms but in their differences feel anger and frustration and carry out heinus crimes and beatings just because they disagree. All over one stupid thing, Religion! I do truely believe, as i have grown up and been able to think for myself, this world and country along with many others would be such a better place without religion, smoking up every clear piece of human thinkning with a power of the so called holy and right.

I feel i am babbling on now, but i am here to thankyou for being the face and force for reason and truth.

I have along with friends joined a group Atheism NI and we wish to get as many members as possible. however, we are having problems with creationist…….we shalln’t go there, there isn’t enough time in the day for that……if excuse my language….. shit!?

Anyway, thankyou Mr Dawkins and please keep em coming. Your Documentaries and books are much treasured amoung me and my friends.

Thanks, yet again,

Keith B
Northern Ireland

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