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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Thank you very much for your commitment to reason and science, it is because of your book “The God Delusion” that I am now an atheist. I was raised with only a nominal Christian upbringing and did not consider myself a Christian, but was never an atheist. I wanted to find out more about Christianity and whether it could be believed and in so doing made the mistake of reading C.S. Lewis’ apologetics without looking at the arguments of the other side. When I first saw your book on the shelf the very title scared and frightened me, and I got it to set about proving that it was wrong. But as I read on I realized I was the one in the wrong, that atheism makes sense of the world and that Christianity, one of the thousands of religions made by humans over the millenia, did not. You have also renewed my interest in science. The last irrational fears of hell are slipping from me now, and I am liberated from my former narrow-minded mentality. Thank you and the rest of the New Atheists so much for removing the blinders of so many. It has been difficult to tell people that I am now an atheist, but your book gave me the strength to do so. Please continue your brilliant and inspiring efforts to spread and encourage science and reason.


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