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Jan 29, 2013


In my twenties I thought I had seen the light but soon saw the dark again. I read all your books and Stephen Gould’s too. I have already passed my copy of the god delusion to at least 10 people (hope not impacted too much on sales). Have you ever considered exploring the implications of the religious “end game” eternal life ? I had a party of JWs trying to explain what they would do for the first 10,000 years amongst non sinning stepford wives in heaven. Then moved on to the next 1,000,000 years etc etc . They were clearly shaken by the argument . One of them could only say that he would “walk the dogs” I did finish by saying they would all be screaming to die after a few hundred years. Hard but true ! Keep the faith. Love your work. The universe and quantum world are beauty enough for me.

Mick law, Leeds

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