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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Having been brought up as a Christian I spent much of my early childhood extremely confused; why were adults, my superiors, reading a text preaching completely irrational ideas and stating them as fact? If truth be told, I cannot really claim to be a convert as I was christened as an innocent baby with no knowledge of religion, however, threats of an eternity spent in hell for admitting my rebellious attitude meant that until I was 15 years old (last year) I referred to myself as an agnostic.

As a young child I wanted to grow up to be a naturalist like Joy Adamson or David Attenborough, science made sense to me when I analysed the natural world through unbiased eyes. I still want to be a scientist; in fact I am strongly committed to becoming a geophysicist. When I was 14 I was planning on becoming an evolutionary biologist (I changed my mind based on the AS-level biology syllabus and the arrogance of classmates aspiring to become doctors) and was keen to go to Oxford and study under Richard Dawkins. Ironically, I now want to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge. It was 2 years ago that I picked up and read the Ancestor’s Tale and once I had completed the seemingly never-ending task I was convinced. There is no God, evolution is not just a theory but there is a great amount of evidence to back it up, the documentary hypothesis is a joke in comparison.

Finally I would like to thank both Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins for allowing my brain to be clear that scientific process is rigorous and right whereas the hypotheses of the deluded originating thousands of years ago are not even worth thinking about.

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