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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

When I was about 11 years old and my parents split up I questioned why when I went to church and did everything right that god would let that happen to me. I stopped believing in god there and then and nothing since then could convince me otherwise, using sense and reason as you often say. If asked I would always say no I don’t believe in God I believe in Good, and I believed that the bible was a way of helping people be good.

My daughter was christened to please my parents in law and she went to a catholic school because I didn’t even know there were non religious schools available. My daughter does not believe in god but has had to put up with being preached to throughout her school years. I feel a little bit guilty but I just accepted that was the way things were.

Now she is studying ethics and philosophy and has had to stand her ground in a classroom full of Christians and a catholic teacher who was openly frustrated by her lack of ‘faith’ when she complained about the type of questions she was asked to answer in class. For example How would you describe god? Of course she could not describe something that does not exist and was singled out in class because she was unable to answer the question.

My daughter cant remember how she first heard of Richard Dawkins but we both now read his books and feel less alone due to them. We also agree with humanism and will have the Happy human tattooed somewhere discrete this year.She will start her teacher training this year at University and hopes to be able to teach the truth to the children she meets.

Thank you Richard for being such a Good ambassador for Atheists everywhere.

Julie and Sarah

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