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Jan 29, 2013

Most informative Mr. Dawkins,

I just wanted to say thank you. So many times I have tried to learn about evolution only to be rejected buy every atheist I have encountered.
This abuse had for many years convinced me that an atheist cannot think, only hate.
Thank you for providing education rather than indoctrination( or even an un-doctrination ).
I still have some concerns with the evolution theory but am learning fast.
You see, a lot of persons like me have an ignorance of these thing but are far from stupid and are very willing to learn what we were deprived of in our schools and buy our “authorities”.
We just didn’t have access to the information and as a result HAD to “believe”, even if we didn’t fully agree.
I’m not yet willing to say I am a convert to Atheism (the belief in “absolutely no absolutes”) this seem contradictive to me, but evolutionism is something I am leaning toward. I still have a copious amount to learn, but you ( and your partners ) have given me a place to start from and the will to try again.
I ask of you two favours:
Be patient with persons like me who are not yet converted ( could you trust me if I believed just because you “said so”?
We are all to familiar with that ……crap), We need to see it first( a principal you have taught us).
And secondly I ask of you, Don’t stop!!! keep learning truth so you can keep teaching it.
Thank you

with renewed curiosity and understanding,
a fellow human and willing student of truth,

P.S. I found the wording rather harsh in The God Delusion , but a refreshing slap in the face is just what I needed.


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