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Jan 29, 2013

More than anything, I have to express my undying gratitude for the endless hours of entertainment I’ve found in watching your debates and reading your books. Before I even knew of your existence and the fight you’ve spearheaded, I was already an atheist, but the solidarity I feel now is thanks to you and the likes of others like Sam Harris.

Recently, I’ve been trying to begin an Atheist Society at my college (with no avail), and it’s become drastically apparent how education has a direct correlation to the ignorance and total fear they have towards atheism.

I’m studying in Hudson Community College, not exactly the apex of smarts for the mixing pot that is Jersey City.

This is saddening to me, not because I wish to be with other atheist, but because I know there are atheist in the school and they are frightened to be OUT. I have no fear in this aspect.

I wish you could somehow imbue these people with the courage and the openness you have, so they also may feel free.

If somehow my Atheist Society were to come to fruition, I’ve made it a point to wear a red A like a scarlet letter, armband style.

This is so important to me, though the light seems dim in these areas.
Without any doubt in my mind, I’d say that what you and the rest have achieved really is like a second age of enlightenment. I’m glad that in my young age I could witness the account and speak with others in joy of it.

Thank you so much!

Ramsey O.

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