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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I am writing to thank you for solidifying my non-belief. Literally I can’t thank you enough. I wasn’t raised in such a rigorously religious environment but I did believe in god when I was younger. I lost my faith on my own around 16, but have felt shaky about my decision.

Prior to reading the God Delusion I felt as if my atheism was solely a product of naive rebellion against my roman catholic mother. Even though I had taken college level biology and thought I had a very sound understanding of evolution and natural selection, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was somehow incomplete or immature in my viewpoint.

However, the God Delusion gave me a fuller understanding of the argument against religion. While I was right in my previous standings that evolution made far more sense than the fairy tales, there was so much more for the case against God. Now I feel far more confident (albeit confused as to why I was so uneasy previously) when dealing with my mother’s jabs about “waiting for the lightening to strike” whenever I say anything even remotely blasphemous.

I am a graphic design student and I want to use my career to help advocate for secularism and social justice. Volunteering of some sort is on my agenda and I hope to see you speak in 2012 at the Reason Rally in DC.



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