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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I have procrastinated long enough and felt I should post to the converts corner. I gained comfort and solace when I discovered your site along with the posts of others who struggled and ultimately gave up on religion. Personally I feel frustrated and somewhat ashamed that it took me so long to eliminate religion from my life. I found you and others like Bertrand Russell toward the end of my journey and not at the beginning but I feel this is probably normal as we are instructed by religion to reject anything that is contrary to established religious dogma. I feel religious pastors/instructors are aware our capacity to worry and they use that aspect of our psyche to chain us further into the delusion. Regardless of their efforts I woke up.

The little child that is still in me and remembered marveling at the natural world is the one who ultimately set me free. It is not my intention to get long winded about my journey but I wanted to contribute what I feel would be useful to those who might be struggling like I did. When you finally abandon this delusion of religion you inherit a world that is a thousand times larger than the little box that religion would have you live in. I can finally enjoy the real life that I have here on Earth. Letting go of religion installed a peace of mind that I am a part of “this world” and not some imaginary realm. I do not lament that I will pass like the multitudes before me and I find that fact refreshing. I won’t have to face some masochistic god that wants to put me on trial to discover if I loved him enough to avoid being sent to the depths of his/her/whatever imaginary hell. I feel that the religious journey I suffered was like waking from a bad dream and now that I am awake I can contemplate the fascinating world that we evolved from. I can give credit to the life forms that survived the maelstrom of time before me that actually gave rise to us as a species and not view my “caveman” ancestor in a negative light. That we are here at all is a wonder to me. Finally I want to thank you for your efforts to help others wake up. I watch your videos online and observe the confrontations you endure and I want to express my admiration for your determination in addressing religion so others might be set free. Thank you does not seem sufficient but that is what I want to extend to you. Thank you Mr. Dawkins for your time and efforts and your part in my awakening.

Calvin Humphreys

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