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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,
I have just read your book “The God Delusion”. I want to say to book was awsome and i enjoy it very much.
But i’m coming to you as an 18 year old girl from Scotland.
I’m lucky enough i have a good reading level for my age and tend to act more mature.
As my generation have a low attention span and tend not to care about being a non-believer or even a beLIEver.
I was wondering have you ever considered a book about atheism for teens?
To reach out to them from a different aspect.
In all schools in Scotland we are told about god. We never were aloud to question god.
I did rise to the challenge once. I got shot down immediately. I was told not to question and to keep my view to myself.
I’ve been an atheist for a long time. But honestly i didn’t know what an atheist was! because i was never told what being a non-believer was called. only believers had names.
until the age of 16 i was wondering round not really knowing. i had religion forced down me and if i didn’t pray or bow my head when i was in school. i got in trouble. i respect believers. Therefore they should respect me.
I have a brave enough teen to question religion. To look things up and really dig deep.
A lot of young people have no idea where to look. (Unless it’s given to them)

Thanks for your time!

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