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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof Dawkins.
I am writing to you in order to give my total and utter thanks for all that you do. I have recently finished your book, The God Delusion, and could not be more pleased that someone so intelligent is fighting on the side of atheism. You have become the voice that I have been searching for ever since I had turned my back on Religion and faith in a cosmic being when I was a young boy in High School. High School was no peach and going to an all male Catholic High School, with later discovery and repression of being gay, I was lost for a voice that made sense to me. The religion that I was blindly forced into made me believe there was something wrong with me. Everyday I would struggle in my own head, dating girl after girl, going to church and reciting prayer only helped force my inevitable depression. By my senior year I finally became sick of the whole charade, throwing my religion to the side to begin my search for meaning besides the kind in a book written by Bronze Age peoples. Finding you through television and word of mouth gave me the direction to investigate free thinkers, such as yourself. It would be a five year journey, studying, reading, and ultimately being completely rid of the ridiculous beliefs I once held onto. Prof. Dawkins you have been on of the first to give me hope for the future but instill that hope in fact and logic. Five years ago I began my journey to rid myself forever of religion. Today I can happily say I am an atheist, living with my first partner, a fellow atheist, going to college to become a musical teacher. Prof. I will do my part in making the world one of logic, reason, and intellect. Prof. Dawkins I once again say thank you and If you are ever close by I will make it a certainty to meet you in person

Yours truly and thankfully
James Davis

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