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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Mr. dawkins,

I have been flicking through utube and came across your vidoes at different conferences, interviews ect. I just want to say a big THANKYOU! It is so nice to hear an intelligent man brave enough to finally say “There is no proof of God”! I was born a catholic in the states and for years I was very religious. But as time went on I started to read about the origins of life and I began to question the whole God concept. Further to that, L studied history and found the excess’s and controls people used in the name of religion to get their own ways.

I see you get a lot of hate mail wishing for your demise and to burn in hell and I have to both laugh and cry. These so called pious, religious people spew venom then hide behind a plastic Jesus. Not very Christian-like behaviour in my book.

I want to just say….please dont ever let these small minded haters stop you. The world needs to move on from religious dogma and perhaps then honesty will be the foundations of society.

All the best

Jasmine Steers

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