Good, Tue, Jan 29 2013 #(255)

Jan 29, 2013

dear Richard,
I have just completed reading your book, the god delusion and I feel I must congratulate and thank you for it. I am 82 years old now and the first book I was given to read was called the catechism, I was 5 years old and had just started at my catholic school, It was a book of questions and answers which I can remember to this day but the one that had the most effect on me in later years, was the question, what did I believe and my answer from the book was, I beieve without doubting whatever god revealed in later years I read a quote from a philosopher whose name was Renee descarte, who stated that the only thing beyond doubt is doubt itself,for to doubt is to think and to think is to exist in reality. I think therefore I am. So being a curious person and an avid reader on all aspects of the world we live in I have found that to find peace of mind we do not need god or gods, all you have to do is live with yourself and try to be a decent human being


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