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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dawkins,
I could never know how to thank you. Your admirable patience with those that attack the atheist position strikes me in awe. The sad part, and probably the hardest for you when dealing with arduous religious people, is that religion on the outside might seem to preach love and forgiveness, but in its core lies falsehood, fear, and control. Atheism on the outside seems cold, heartless, and mean-spirited, but in its core is truth, love, tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. I hope you know that you are doing many people a wonderful deed by offering us inspiration to think clearly and freely. You are making an impact, and I hope your works will carry through many generations to come and encourage similiar illuminating works.

P.S. For those that say that their holy book’s stories are fables that are intended to teach a moral lesson, doesn’t that make “God” a huge figure of speech?

My deepest admiration and support,


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