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Jan 29, 2013

I don’t know how I did it but after and education by nuns, Christian brothers, catholic priests in a boarding school the last trace of the burden of religion is gone thanks to Richard Dawkins. I was that bad that I remember clearly when a nun asked everyone in class in grade 2 (now in my 50’s) what they wanted to be when they grew up. I made a big scene putting my hand up and answered “The Pope”!! I was a “professional” alter boy!! – they had me by every vulnerable part of my indoctrinated little mind.

Then in religion class in about year 10 at boarding school I queried the priest about something that did not make a lot of sense in a new testament reading. It was to do with how an all merciful and all forgiving god had struck someone down because they had not donated all their money to the poor – seemed a little strange to me so I asked for an explanation. Bad move!! Head ended up against a brick wall and to this day the question has not been answered. Anyway that was the start. I was not scholarly enough to dissect the bible word for word but there seemed to be contradictions everywhere. People of the “hawkish” persuasion seemed to be able to find any number of validations in the “good” book to go to war yet it was supposed to be a message of love and peace. Then there were issues of translation and how the books of the bible came to be selected – all very human interventions). Finally the behaviour of all those “infallible”popes over the centuries, the death, torture and torment even between fellow christians convinced me that the god(s) of organised religions did not exist. Problem was, there was nothing to put in its place until Richard came along with a logical, verifiable, sustainable explanation – my most sincere thanks.

My problem now is that I read too slowly and I often need a sledge hammer to get stuff into my thick scull (a bit of Darwinian regression there!!) but it is such a breath of fresh air I don’t seem to be able to get enough of it. Maybe I am becoming a Darwinian fundamentalist!!

Thanks again, Mike

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