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Jan 29, 2013

Hi Richard,

Hope this mail finds you in good spirit and I hope your enjoying the success of your new book ‘ The Magic of Reality’.

I would like to thank you for all your efforts to infuse rationality and reason into the society around us. I’m a ‘born again Atheist’. I was born as an Atheist, then got indoctrinated by society( to a less extent by my family) to believe in dogma of our culture Hinduism. I never took religion seriously, nor thought about it seriously. Had occasional visits to temples, and I prayed pretty staunchly. It was only a year ago, that I got introduced to scientific critical thinking through one of my friend. It didn’t take long to discover you, Hitchens and Neil Degrasse Tyson on Youtube. Boom, after an year I call myself an Atheist. I had been in the US for the last few years and just returned back to my home country India. Feeling pretty excited to take on the religious dogma of Indian society, using reason and rationality. I have also shed the fear of cosmic surveillance and the petty blackmail of hell, posed by religion

I also would like to blame you and Neil Degrasse Tyson, for unleashing a monster in me, a monster which has a gargantuan appetite for knowledge. I’m increasingly finding it tough to feed the appetite of the damn thing, but enjoy every bit of elation the knowledge of reality provides. I just finished reading ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ and loved it. Would request you to please continue all the good work.

Yours faithlessly,

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