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Jan 29, 2013

I was brought up as a catholic although my dad is a lot more religious than my mum (who has never really brought into it) so I had a mixed influence. I did go to a catholic school and it was a good school on the whole.

I loved drawing angels and decorating them in glitter and the like as a young child and I still love all those things at Christmas but intellectually I never brought into religion. By the time that I had worked out that there was no Santa I worked out that there was no God either. By nine I was asking my dad why a God had to start it all off as, if you need something to start it all off, then who started him? I never got an answer to that and I have never taken to being told that some things just are and are not to be questioned or understood.

I have been happily atheist all my life. I know people who are religious and people who are not and they all have their good points and bad points. I noticed long ago that being religious does not make you any nicer than anyone else. I have also noticed that that, deep down, some of my religious friends REALLY struggle with it. This is not surprising as they are being asked to believe the ridiculous and not all people can do it, even if they have a need for it and/or have been brought up with it.

Where it really annoys me though is when it starts to make peoples lives a misery and that needs tackling and that is why I have joined. Plus I am a fan of Richard Dawkins and have read all his books.


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