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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins,
First of all, thank you for giving such a patient, passionate voice to so many of the concerns I have long had with religious belief. I can’t simply say that you converted me because I had been questioning the validity of the religion into which I was born and raised for as long as I could remember. What you did was give me that extra little push to solidify my inner musings into a more concrete approach to the faith-filled world around me. In many ways, The God Delusion was a wonderfully hopeful conclusion to one of the longest drawn out questions of my life. More importantly, The God Delusion offered so much in the way of communicating my thought processes to my devoutly Christian family and friends. The clear, concise arguments that you laid out were part of what I had been missing and I thank you so much for making them available to me and anyone else struggling to put their skepticism into words.

Secondly, thank you for helping to renew my sense of wonder in the world. What is there to wonder when the world is spelled out for you so rigidly as is done in the Catholic Church? Or in the so-called plans that I was raised to assume God had for me? There is so much more capacity for joy in the unplanned, temporary life that I’ve just recently been able to embrace.

I loved reading the testaments of so many others on your website. You are making a difference to which I hope to contribute in the future.

Best wishes,


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