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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I have just finished reading your book, “The God Delusion” and it has changed my life. I now have a beautiful, awe-inspiring, and perhaps most importantly, truthful, understanding of fields like evolutionary biology, physics and astronomy. I think the right choice, after reading your book, is to live a life of purpose here on earth, in which we don’t waste a minute of our precious time on illusions, even comfortable illusions, a life where we stand with those who engage in the noble pursuits of science, truth and social justice. Our alternative is to live a life in the darkness of Plato’s Cave. In that cave, sadly, are so many who have fallen prey to superstition and the mindless promotion of faith and mysticism over scientific inquiry and rationality. Not for me that darkness, not for me that narrow cave.

Your book has not only given me the knowledge and vocabulary to understand the wider universe that science has revealed, but also the backbone to defend the habits of mind that got us there: the Enlightenment values promoting the scientific method and free inquiry. It is clear to me now that the habits of mind that promote its opponent, blind faith, are not limited to religion alone but are everywhere in the popular culture, including non-religious stories or movies that we were exposed to as children. How many Hollywood movies, that supposed force for liberalism, promote “belief in belief”, promote that idea that it is beautiful to believe powerfully in something that cannot be proven? How many children have we needlessly turned away from science, turned away from the habits of critical thinking and questioning authority that are necessary to better our world?

I know you have a difficult struggle, when so many forces of superstition and violence are arrayed against you. I admire you and thank you for having the backbone to expose these things. I also thank you for providing the rest of us with the scientific and historical understanding and vocabulary necessary to stand with you in this noble struggle, a non-violent struggle waged through the power of reasoning and ideas, to advance the cause of truth, rationality, and a morality worthy of the name.

Thank You!!!


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