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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,
I was brought up a Protestant in Liverpool and only really went to Church for Christenings, Weddings and because I was in the scouts and had to!

Every time I went to church I was literally pissed off with the way they talked to the congregation. It all seemed so false and actually quite scary. I remember shitting myself because I thought that I was going to hell. I am a very moral well brought up person but still the thought of not being able to tell the odd white lie for my own protection when I had done something wrong (Childish) as a child. My only get out clause was that I learned that as long as you repent and start to believe in god before you die you would be ok. Because of this I vowed to ask for forgiveness of my sins just before I die so I can get the best of ´Both Worlds´ This was foolish and a childish way of thinking however it was all I knew and I thought quite clever of me.

Growing up I have always been confused by bible bashers and why they are so insistant on making everybody else think the same as they do. I have however, just finished reading The God Delusion to my delight! I was unable to put it down and my girlfriend often found me with my face in the book laughing. Everything it says makes so much sense and I love your way with words. I have now actively tried to get into conversations about religion just to trump the fools. So far they have an answer to everything but the answer is almost always FAITH and that I cant change that. To be honest if that´s what they want to think fine but as long as they are not extremists then its no problem. One guy said to me that you are the same as them. They stand on their soap boxes preaching to others about believing and you do the same (On TV or in books) about none belief. I just told the fool that at least Richard Dawkins and other atheists have evidence to support our claims and finished the argument their.

I would like to thank you for making this absolutely amazing book which made me laugh and feel good about myself for not believing in a silly childish story about a creator who is also his son and a holy spirit that cannot be described who also sent himself down to earth to be punished for all the white lies and other sins us moral people may have committed so we too can all go to heaven as long as we simply believe without question.


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