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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

I have been going about in my mind, for the best possible way to illustrate my appreciation of your work. You are someone, whom I admire greatly. I truly hope you can read this letter.

I want to say, it was an honor to meet you the other day at a book signing, I confess in being somewhat nervous, I wanted a picture (by the way thank you) my camera began to rebel and I was way-worried in holding up the line. I really respect you and never the less it was a great pleasure.

In respect to my conversion into not believing, I have been sitting on the fence since a very young age. When I was about seventeen I began to question many things, which inevitably led me towards agnosticism. The drop that finally tipped the glass, for my non belief in some “invisible sky judge”, was being exposed to your work.

I am an artist; I am a professional dancer and choreographer in the field of classical and modern dance. I remember quite well, the day that I first knew about you… I was doing a bit of research on a theme about “Altruism”. I was harboring an idea for a work in which altruism is the central theme (I don’t want to derail, but I would like to add that, I finally premiered that work and it was a great hit). The night that I began investigating on the subject, through my computer. I came across a segment on one of your documentaries of “The Genius of Charles Darwin”, It was the program titled “The Fith Ape”, the part where you talk about your book “The Selfish Gene” and since then I began to follow more of your work.

I recently have met my biological father (he doesn’t believe in god either). As I reflect I also believe that he had some influence, never the less… it was never the case, that he converted me into a non believer. I gradually warmed to it. It didn’t take long, I can’t say that it was your book “The God Delusion” that did it… but the arguments that you have presented in your interviews and documentaries that I have found on YouTube, have influenced my way on approaching my thoughts and opinions on the matter. Recently I have finally found a copy of The God Delusion and to no surprise; I have really enjoyed reading it.

I have begun to read “The Magic of Reality” the copy you signed and I confess in enjoying it as well. I have read 5 of your books until now and have enjoyed reading them. You are a personal hero to me. I have always loved nature but now that I am older, I confess in having the same sensation of wonder. I feel as though the sensation has been heightened. I find that I really value science, more than I initially have during my school years. Now I am really into it. I find in it a beauty similar to the same awe moving feeling as enjoying a great work of art. I feel as though nature and reason in some way nurtures even more my creativity. I am not claiming to be working on themes that are purely about science, but yes… I do confess that I am touched by wonder and inevitably in some way it has enriched me and my work.

I want you to know that it is no surprise to me that many look up to you. I am one those people. Before I finish I would like to share with you a quote that I have written and have saved (for a long time, I find it appropriate)…

“Like a squeezed sponge my heart feels the essence of intensity, exploding inside my chest …the complex and yet simple “nature” of everything… humbled by the abstract… intangible feeling… of gratitude. Behind everything, love is also present… no matter how hard I try, it is impossible to convey such a feeling, all I can say; with an open heart is…”GRACIAS” -Etienne Hernández (1984-Present)

I can’t find words that would do justice in describing my appreciation. I honestly wish you great success and happiness.

Warm Regards,


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