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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Professor Dawkins,
I must first start by thanking you for your books, and your appearances to speak on your work and beliefs. I, for many years, have been on the fence when it came to the belief in god. If anything, I have been agnostic since I was a teenager. Being begged to join a Baptist congregation by a close friend in my early teen years, I found I didn’t buy the rhetoric. My family left the Catholic Church when I was about 8 years old. I’ve been independent of any church or spiritual beliefs my entire adulthood, since.

Recently, I was exposed to Neil Degrasse Tyson videos on YouTube. My friend that showed me these just recently came to the conclusion that he is an Atheist. I loved Neil’s passion for science and understanding of the cosmos. If I had not moved on to go to college for art, I would’ve went into a field of science, probably biology; which at some point in my education I realized I had an interest in and was good at it in class. In hind sight, I wish I went down that path; I am now in the field of IT, fixing computers, helping people instead of science or art. I’ll use my aptitude with technology to help my struggle against ignorance, however. The trail of videos led me to yourself and Neil on stage. You both inspired me, so I continued on and found your other great friends; Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett. You people are my heroes! Cheers to the Four Horsemen!

I’ve always had conversations with open minded friends about how ridiculous religion is, how it contradicts itself etc. It’s never been compatible with reason, in my eyes. Seeing that there’s so many others out there and you wonderful people writing about this, I can’t help but wanting to contribute. I feel offended to think that creationism is being taught to the children of this world, alongside or even in place of Evolution; Faith and unreason, over the truth. It’s disgraceful, to use one of your words; you’ve made several statements, using it, that I couldn’t agree with more.

I’m writing to express my thanks and admiration for you and your work. As Christopher Hitchens answered to an interviewer, to “When are you going to stop this”, “Until I drop”. It was something to that affect; my apologies if I quoted it wrong. I hope, like him, you never stop spreading the truth and never give into these ridiculous people. I will join you in doing so. When Hitchens won the 2011 Dawkins Award; he was so sick and he was coughing; he was still standing there talking, being a crusader for the truth. It was so sad to see him in that state, you hugging him nearly brought me to tears, but it was so inspiring. I’ve found meaning in that; and for him, if not for reason’s sake, I will never stop fighting the ignorance of humans. I’ve started a blog, a Facebook page and I regularly post what I find of you on my wall because I want so badly for people to hear you speak. My friend and I are going to create a joint Facebook page and a podcast to spread the word and get information out to the public on science, reason, and just simply show them how ridiculous people are and what horrors people commit in blind faith.

I wanted to know, if you had time, if you could give us any pointers on how to handle this. If there’s a better way, perhaps than we intend, on how to go about this. I’ve watched so many of your videos that I realize it’s rather silly to argue with these people. It almost feels more affective to show examples of what’s true; maybe display comparisons, rather than contend with them in the back and forth argument whether there is or isn’t a god. As you said, it gives them status. And it’s so true, that to debate creationism versus evolution, is to partially admit that there’s a chance that creationism is true. And we know that is not the case. If there are any projects you suggest we participate in or something we can join. I want to stop these mad men from imposing their belief systems on the human race, as pure fact, instead of the fairytales they are. The republicans right now, and a good portion of my country, are convinced that there is a god. They want to impose their beliefs on us through in their policies. They are so uninformed, uneducated and unaware of the truths that exist beyond their little world they’ve created for themselves. That, not believing is an option, and is a choice they can make for themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen this quack, Kent Hovind; he is a disgrace to the humans of this century. We need to stop these people. I just want to do it the right way.
I appreciate your time, sorry for the length though.

Thank you for all you do. Your contributions to the world, I’m sure, will not be forgotten. My friends and I, and people like us will try and spread awareness with you. I intend to never stop.

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