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Jan 29, 2013

Mr. Dawkins,
Your book “ The God Delusion” came up in a wonderfully interesting discussion with an Aussie friend of mine ofa Polish father and a Jewish mother (or was it the other way around, John ?). Needless to say that Polish here could easily be understood something like Royalist in Irish context.

Anyway, he holds your book as “my personal Bible”, as he called it. Please forgive my friend’s slightly inappropriate expression in this. But that’s how I got to know it, and I read it just now in less than a week’s time. It has been very comforting, personally, to read in your words, narrative and clear logic, what I had already thought and found out for myself.

Although you do not succeed in every case to proof the opposite view(s), I hold dear, and agree fully, that it basically comes down to probability. And it is utmost unbalanced in favor of Atheism beyond doubt. It only takes the willingness to use one’s “little grey cells” as Hercule Poirot puts it so nicely. Think for yourself ! That’s all there is to say.

And as a, divorced, father I consider it my prime responsibility to teach and incite my three sons to think for themselves. I consider it my preface to their (holy) Book of life. Forgive me the urge to joke here, however, it is true in e sense.

I do not know if you are acquainted with the Belgian educational system, but it is one with which we should consider ourselves fortunate. It is in respect to this concern, one of the better ones, I have come to understand through discussions with people, reading and hearing debates on television. And my Aussie friend choose to have his children educated here in Belgium, that’s why he lived for so long in this tiny country of doubtful reputation, sometimes, but in one respect a great nation so to speak.

John, forgive me for mentioning you here as I did (Aussie – Polish – Jew ), but you are wise enough to understand this in the context. You have become a real friend, thanks for sharing Richard’s book with me.

Mr. Dawkins, thank you for your elaborate, clear and logical writing. It has meant a great deal to me. As a matter of fact, I just bought The Origin of species because of it. I cannot imagine any longer life without having read it.

PS I have been reading Bertrand Russell before and consider myself, to label, a Scepticus.
Stephan Bruglemans, Antwerp, Belgium

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