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Jan 29, 2013

I’ve been watching the exodus on the history channel. The history channel, like it is some type factual account of history. I’m seeing red right now. It lend some type of credence to this fairy tale to the uneducated zealots I live with in America that they are treating it as historical fact. They even are showing experiments that “prove ” Moses parted the red sea. I can’t believe this! First they show a map of the route of the exodus where the Jews travel SE and hit the reed sea. Never mind that if they just went East they would never have had to cross any significant body of water.(I looked on a Christian website and this was explained as god not always leading you to the easy path, instead he leads you to the best path). On the exodus show a “scientist” who should be ashamed of himself tan an experiment that “proves” that if you were in the shallows near the shore a strong wind could blow a clear spot in the sea. Well if you are that close to the edge of the sea why not go around it? I can’t believe how eager these fanatics are to use “science” to prove religion in the most transparent way possible yet ignore obvious facts like evolution. It’s disgusting and disheartening because I’m seeing the power these backwater yokels are wielding in my country. I hope your books can earn some new converts before I get sent out on some holy war I want no part of!

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