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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,
This is my second letter to your forum after reading your thought provoking book *The God Delusion*. Recently I have been watching the God channel on TV and have on occasion laughed out loud on hearing some of the absolutey nonsensical rubbish that is spouted by just about every speaker. About two weeks ago I listened in amused amazement to an American presenter of the show who introduced a young man who then proceeded to tell the swooning unthinking audience that he had witnessed two miracles. The first, complete with false grainy b/w film showed how his G/Grandfather as a five year old had died and come back to life. The film showed a small boy in his best suit lying ‘dead’ on a bed with his [fairly] sorrowful looking family praying by his bedside. After a few minutes, the boy wriggled his feet, shook his legs and smilingly came back to life while his family looked on, ‘quite pleased’. The young man then went on to tell how he was once prayed in an [unnamed] ‘English cathedral’ complete with a background of stained glass windows for a young girl after showing a still of her shortened left leg complete with a full size foot and shoe peeping out from under the hem of her dress. Once again with filmed evidence he and the family prayed and lo and behold the girl’s left leg quickly lengthened until it matched the other and once again the family looked ‘quite pleased’

One would think that both families would have wept with unalloyed joy and delight at the ‘miracles’ that they had witnessed and I think it reasonable to assume that the rest of the world might have been interested in them but we have heard absolutely nothing. The presenter of the show then concluded by telling the ‘true’ story of how a man whom he knew had died and was placed in a deep freezer for 23 hour after which he came back to life. This is amusing stuff but what is so disturbing is that there are people who actually believe it and they never seem to question the truth or demand more evidence about what they are being told.

Yours sincerely

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