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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard,

You have a clarity of written English that’s second to none and it’s a joy to read your books. I read the God Delusion as soon as I heard it publicised and could not argue logically against any of it. I once read a book by Allen Carr which clarified all the reasons why smoking was stupid and I stopped as if a switch had been flipped. Similarly, your book turned off absolutely any wish to continue with religion. The associated feeling of liberation was equally as great. Maybe not the best analogy but it’s the best I have. I have since read The Selfish Gene and am now almost at the end of The Ancestor’s Tale. The Ancestor’s Tale is so well put together that it really should be put in a mandatory curriculum in schools.

Having grown up in the Church of England, I will have to admit some gratitude to the exposure it gave me to the beautiful music that has been written. This stays as a lasting love and would be the only reason to go into a church or cathedral in the future. I suppose I will continue to tolerate the existence of places of worship just for that reason. Is that hypocritical? I recall that there was an excellent organist and choirmaster at the church I used to attend who was said to be an atheist but nobody seemed to know for certain. I hope he was!

I believe that “conversion” to atheism heightens appreciation for the life we have been given by our parents. Please keep up the good work.

Best wishes

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