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Jan 29, 2013

Hello Professor Dawkins.
I am Robert, and I want to write in to tell you of how your endeavors to make people see reason have succeeded in making me see the facts as they are.
Although you can not read every individual letter, at least this will add to your tally of supportive e-mails.
I used to be of the belief that science and religion were compatible, and that religion was a beautiful thing, with science as a cold, meaningless exploit. Then I read your books, starting with The God Delusion.
My life changed.
Instead of turning to superstition and rejecting science for answers, I realised that my original opinion of science was nothing short of stupidity. Your books made me see that, of course science is a beautiful thing. How can the endless endeavor to discover the truth be cold and meaningless? In hindsight, I can now laugh at my stupidity knowing that your books have improved my life. Why would anyone wish to replace the beauty of reality with a scaled-down, blatantly false belief such as Christianity, Islam or any other religion?
Your books have lead me to learn about Charles Darwin, too.
Your endeavors have in many ways revitalised my life, and I now have a better idea of what to do in life (something to do with science, most likely biology).
I am 18 years old, so it is good that I read your books so early in life, because the pursuit of religion was slowing me down considerably. Religion is not compatible with science. Religious people, however, will usually completely deny the fact of evolution in order for their religion to prevail. These people are, in my opinion, in need of help. Evolution is fact. You have shown me that. And I intend to help people (but not force people, as religious people often do) embrace the natural and truthful state of atheism, because of your work.
Thank you Professor.
I am in your debt.

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