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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

To put a long story short, I would like to thank You for all the inspiration! Your TV programmes and books gave me a great boost towards atheism. It was a fun adventure departing from an average day of work reading through a geotechnical report (I am a civil engineer) and wondering aboout geological time scales, then discovering Carl Sagan and understanding the inconceivable scale of the universe and finally arriving to evolution and religion criticism.

From fundamental christian living in constant sin and guilt, now I am a freethinker and finally a real adult at the age of 30. I guess the effects of deconversion are different for everyone but I benefited immediately from it. I am much more confident since I have lost faith in determinism, what resulted in a far better job position and the lost of guilt gave me a content life without worrying about the unknowable.

Among countless of contradictions in religions, the one that impresses me the most (at least for now) is how christians are so sure about the earth being formed to host humanity and to make a perfect home for thriving in happyness (in fact it is one of their foundations for belief that the earth is so wonderfully custom fitted for human life). However it is easy to recognize how fragile we are. If humanity were not working day-by-day for thousands of years to form this planet for their own convenience, then anyone could be easily killed at any second by any random force of nature. I do not want to repeat any more obvious reasonings, I will just continue to be a liberated humanist, thanks largely to Your thoughts.

I am certain that I am not the only admirer of Your work from Hungary, but I think I am the first to write.

Wishing You all the best,

from Budapest

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