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Jan 29, 2013

I have for several years been a fan and advocate of your work, and for several more an Atheist, however on reading the God Delusion and The Selfish Gene I have affirmed life choices and found that I am not alone with those choices. I feel a warmth from knowing there are people like you out there fighting for truth and rationality.

One of my earliest memories is of being in church with my devoutly Catholic Grandmother. I distinctly remember the rough feel of the of the stone font, the smell of the dark fragrant pews, and the sight of the morning sun though stained glass windows. I liked church, especially the stories. However this one occasion after receiving Communion, I retuned to my seat, knelt and prayed earnestly, and sat back down to wait. My Grandmother must not have seen me kneel because I received a silent, but very definite and stern telling off, followed by a not so silent telling off later. Of course, it wasn’t her fault she didn’t see me kneel, but it sparked a process of questioning which continues to this day. “Why did God let me get in trouble? Why doesn’t he help those poor kids on the TV? In fact, what is he doing?!”

I am now in my first year of University studying Biology, to a substantial degree as a result of reading your books and watching your documentaries. So whilst I’m technically not a convert as a result of your work, you have helped me make some serious decisions, and also reassured me with some others.

Thanks Kindly,
Peter Bray

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