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Jan 29, 2013

This is been one hell of a year for me.

I am a 28 year old man who has spent 27 years of my life as a devout mormon in the jaws of Utah. I successfully met all the proverbial notches (served a two year mormon mission, came home and was married by 22, and started having children the following year, attended church every week and held a position of high importance within my congregation, gave 10 percent of all my money to the church, did my best to obey the current prophet and 12 apostles in SLC, etc…). but things began to unravel when i discovered that a canonized book of LDS scripture, the book of abraham, had quite a bit of controversy surrounding it. after thoroughly researching this, i came to the conclusion that joseph smith lied about the origins and authenticity of the scrolls with which he translated the book of scripture from.

this led me to question many other tenants of my precious faith, so i continued to research. eventually it became quite clear that joseph smith (with perhaps the help of a few other men) fabricated the whole religion. but leaving mormonism is no small thing. you are ostrasized by your family and friends. alienation and judgement are placed upon you. essentially you are outcasted. i felt a strong desire for the communal sense i once enjoyed, so i started looking into christianity. but as I listened to a pastor, it felt like very much of the same thing.

i was beginning to think the superstitious beliefs have no valid platform with which to stand; an opinion, mind you, that is held with viscous disdain here in utah county. i was feeling very alone inside of my head, with questions circulating every few seconds. I was introduced to Richard by a friend of mine, and i began watching his youtube clips. i was so captivated by this man of reason, that I wanted to learn more. I finally purchased a copy of the God Delusion, and quickly devoured its contents. by the end, i felt at peace with my doubts, and an overwhelming sense of enlightenment resulted.

Thank you Richard for being brave enough to publish this book in a world that is still encapsulated by the paranormal. hopefully your book will began to break down the walls of faith, and introduce logic and reason into the sinews of humanity.

thank you,

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