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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins and staff at,

I just finished “The God Delusion” and I want to say that the last chapter is the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, exquisite, and enticing piece of literature I have ever read. I’ve been agnostic since I was about 13 or so and just recently (20-21) become atheist. I have felt what seemed to be a deep “gap,” as Dawkins puts it, that religion used to fill. After reading the last chapter I feel as though a weight has been removed off my chest. I’m so happy that someone understands what I was going through. I sincerely thank you for being an organization that acts as a metaphorical lighthouse of reason and knowledge in this world that is so grotesquely infested with main-stream religion that it is blind to the wonders of science.

Zach Webb

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