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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

I have never been entirely religious before, not even in my primary school days when we would devotedly sing hymns about Jesus and other traditional Christian subjects, and that was but six years ago, as I am sixteen now. When I look back it seems chilling now that I had no understanding of what I was singing about; it seems completely absurd, after reading your books, how them hymns managed to force their way into our otherwise innocent assembly’s. Luckily, it is quite fortunate that I didn’t really know what ‘Roll The Stone’ and ‘The Bell of Creation’ was about and so, these ideas weren’t carved into me. And this was in England! Even though I have never truly believed in any religious myth sincerely, from reading your books I acquired a life-enhancing view as I became thoroughly interested in science, our natural world, and countless other subjects. These books have allowed me to become more skeptical, more thoughtful, more rational, and it has bequeathed to me an understanding of how precious life is, as this brief spark of consciousness is all us lucky beings have. I can not understand how any religious man would wish to believe in their religious tale, when the reality is much more beautiful and occupying. I read ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ and then a whole world entirely opened for me. I started to see things I never paid attention to before, and although I had always loved Nature, this admiration was greatly elevated. I developed a fascination towards the history of our existence, and have subsequently bought books about astronomy (not astrology; I wouldn’t dare go near that!) and natural history.

Ideas also started to emerge, after reading ‘The God Delusion’, and it got me contemplating why people do believe in God or Gods, and how they came to believe in it. After examining all religious arguments for the existence of God, something what men of different faiths use for their own personal God, so in no way targets one God, I started to look at morality based arguments and this eventually led me to become interested in Humanism. And these views, along with your inspirational lectures and books, are what shed light on me.

So thanks again Richard, for supplying me with a more precious, cordial, and greater outlook on life. Keep educating, and carry on transforming superstition into brilliant scientific views. May God bles- …Well, there’s no need for that…


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