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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,

I am not here to say I am a convert; I am here to thank you for something extremely near to me and my heart. On the contrary I have always been the punished and have been the one left out in a Catholic raised family. With 4 brothers who utilize what seems to me as rudimentary logic and reasoning. With my mother who continued to pray for me in an attempt to inspire me to be a son of Christ. I am none of those. Maybe it is because of the way I view the world. Maybe it is because of how I reason morality. Either way my father has been the only to show me respect especially after what I will now say to you.

I have always been agnostic. I was certain there was a possibility of god, just as the possibility that there wasn’t one. I always knew the world was cruel, which was the source of my lingering doubt. My respect for others beliefs is on the other hand what had kept me agnostic. I was ok with this; it was my little joke that I could switch back and forth in my desires as I wish depending on the issues present. Soon this changed and the chance of this or faith or theism ever being part of my life again was absolutely destroyed within my mind.

I joined the US Army and I traveled to Iraq where I was in Baghdad. This event: those 15 months forever changes a man. I have said the following many times before to those new soldiers who will be down there soon enough. “In war a strange phenomenon happens, one either finds true conviction in his faith or losses truth in it.” I wear a bracelet around bearing the name of a friend I once had. A man I last remember to have had at the time a 3 year old child and a wife. I’ve also recaptured images of a Mother and what seemed to be her 5 year old child burnt, smoked, and blackened to char. I still remember a red glow that seemed to burn out from their skin. They seemed like ambers of flame.

I’ve brought this up because in these wars there are in fact casualties on both sides. Innocent people who wish to see their family at least once more but are denied the opportunities. In a world where you must try to explain to a child why he will never know his father or explain how or why a child was killed. That world does not have a god. I’ve lived with that conviction since my return from Iraq. My stories don’t end there. I have various images and what seem to be video recordings of death. DEATH. God doesn’t exist in our world and if he does we have more power than he does being not only his creator but as people able to take life away as if it is our decision to make. An unable god, this enrages me. To think that in the past I thought there was a chance of god existing. I which I could share my images with others. I wish they could see that I would gladly appose religion. That even if my 99.99% chance of disbelief in the existence of god weren’t true and god showed himself to me on my death bed I would rather be sent to hell. I’d rather burn. After all when life around you is taken away as if it is worth nothing at all then no other pain could ever match it.

I may have taken it far enough with my last statements but I feel I haven’t taken it far enough. See we have created hell! Same way we created god. And Hell is here on earth we are killing ourselves in the name of “god” and innocent people are paying the price. I refuse to see this continue.

I am sorry Mr. Dawkins if this is much further than you would have liked anybody to take it. But if there is a lack of passion regarding the lives that are lost each and every day not just to the “holy wars” but in the world, we will never deserve the right to consider ourselves as a whole civilized. You have inspired me. I have stood by idling letting the world do this to itself. I won’t any longer. When I have the opportunity I will be put forth maximum effort to be an activist towards this cause.

With regards to the people of this world I will never promote violence or criminal activity.

And with regards to our children and the future of this world I will never ask for world peace, I will only ask for a more peaceful world.

Thank You

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