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Jan 29, 2013

I was raised in a catholic household, although not a strict one. No rosaries, just a quick grace before dinner and mass on Sunday.

I lost the catholic spin in my teens, when I attended a catholic residential colledge at University. A straw poll of my new friends demonstrated just how widespread child rape is in the Church in Australia, particularly Western Victoria.

My “Conversion” to Aetheism came after the birth of my first child seven years ago. While this event is often a confirmation of faith to many, for me it was as if someone had switched on the proverbial light. This tiny boy was my son. He has to trust and learn from my wife and I. Which way he goes is up to us, and while I have picked his football team for him, he can do without superstitious clap-trap.

He believes in the tooth fairy, that looking at Coke advertisements will put holes in his eyes and the invincibility of the Geelong Football Club.

Hopefully your new book is available for his Birthday later this year.

Many thanks,

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