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Jan 29, 2013

Dear Richard Dawkins,

While atheism is nothing new to me, as I have been a nonbeliever for quite some time, I daresay I owe a great deal of my present sanity and satisfaction with life and existence to you and your work. After a period of immense self-reflection and philosophical questioning of existence, as well as regrettable encounters with hallucinogenic drugs, I found myself in a very deep and seemingly inescapable depression. Furthermore, I slowly developed a personality disorder that left me with a crippled sense of self and an outlook on a universe totally devoid of meaning.

I am now a philosophy student at Columbia University and, however slowly, managed to overcome my troubles and pull myself together, and on the way back to a less emotionally turbulent life, I discovered the knowledge and messages you present. Pardon the cliché, but the truth set me free. Having a much more comprehensive understanding of my place as a human being in the universe has instilled within me a powerful sense of purpose, freedom, and the tenacity to experience life to its fullest and explore the magnificence and curiosities of the universe.

With my warmest regards and utmost respect,

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