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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins

Watching your interviews online was a great eye-opener as well as relief for me

one of the problems we face in India is the emergence of modern evangelical protestantism, particularly, one group called the 'born-again' christians

as it is, we have enough problems to deal with, in terms of our own social problems plus our trouble with our neighbor Pakistan

One of my Hindu friends in India had to encounter untold misery in the hands of a born-again Christian during her Masters degree – initially, she could not fathom the magnitude of the problem, but towards the final phase of her dissertation, things became serious as veiled threats based on worshipping 'false Gods' cropped up. The mental harassment that followed led her to seek the help of the dean and other faculty members and even then, only after she could 'pray for forgiveness' could she get her dissertation signed!!

this is a hidden menace growing in India – in 2005, when American televangelist Benny Hinn visited India, he created a furore by making unsavoury comments about Hindus and their culture – not that most people in India care much abt any of this, but the intent of this growing menace of evangelists is quite obvious

it would be wonderful, if Prof.Dawkins visits India and gives a series of talks on evolution from a Darwinian perspective

Kiran Kumar

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