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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Sir Dawkins,


Im not good enough in English but I hope you will understand my message.Just edit some wrong grammar.

Philippines is 97% religious, 82% are roman catholics. Raised as a religious, it's really hard for me to say to the people around me what is the truth. I say truth because there are no more doubts or confussions that hastling my mind unlike when I was just 9 years old and even when I attended the pastoral formations of religious for almost 5 years.

It was really hard for me to take out those usual routines and rituals of my everyday life as religious. I know it's hard because I used to do them for 26 years. 26 years is more than enough to poison one's mind.

My conversion lighted because of my own curiosity. For me, this corner is called “Enlightened.” Light give us clarity and help us find accuracy.

It's started with the word “Humility.” I was really struck by this word since I heard it from one of the sermons of our parish priest 11 years ago. I did not yet attended the seminary formation that time. Until now he is still the parish priest in our town. He said in his sermon that “Humility is the key to holliness.” As religious, we are called to be holy and I wanted to become holy. But how? How to become humble? I thought I already found the answer 3 years before when I said to myself that I have to accept the Bible. I know that there are so many discrepancies in the bible but I still have to accept this. This is part of my humility.

But now, Im saying that that was all foolishness. After that, Im still struggling. Until I read these books. And I say now, To accept Evolution is the most noble manifestation of humility. We are advance than other animals because of our mental capacity that we owe to our own surviving strategy not because of religious faith. Momento Mori.

Thank you.


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