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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Having finally reached the conclusion that there was no God, and having admitted my atheism to myself and the people around me, I began to realise that the only rational explanation for the diversity of life was evolution. However, when confronted by believers about the so-called 'flaws' in evolution, I found myself stumped. Fortunately, I soon found that your book, The Blind Watchmaker, gave explanations for these 'flaws' articulately and fairly. It was refreshing, having been immersed in faith for six years to find a writer who wrote in such an unbiased way, whose work showed flawless logic and reasoning, rather than ignorance and dogmatism.

Whilst reading The God Delusion, I noticed that you have a particular habit of putting into words those thoughts which have occurred to any reasonable-minded person, but which many people lack the ability to articulate. That is why I think, for atheists, you have been a Godsend (pun intended), to have someone who when put in front of a camera and faced with the most loud, ignorant, but annoyingly charasmatic opponent (O'Reilly) can still deliver a calm and eloquent arguement, backed up with a breadth of knowledge, is fantastic.


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