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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Professor Richard.

Im just start telling you that Im a good listen, but a terrible writer in your language, so apologize if this text sound to you like an indian script.
Im 33 years old.
Im not a scientist but, aways dout the existence of this “invisible friend”, but, belive me when I say:
I live in a country where its REALY hard to find an “not beliver”..
Before your documentaries was hard to argue with friends and even my girlfriend (a convict and fervent catholic girl), about this issues.
Now, after seen the documentaries (The enimes of reason and The root of all evil) and others like Zeitgeist and Religulous, its been “less harder”, but not easy, to talk about this around here.
Its really sad to see in Brazil, a poor country where its clear the bad distribution of the richness, the growth of religions like The Universal Church (with headquarters in USA and others countries) sucking up the rest and the little money of the poor and weak of mind desperate for the “savation”.
The malicious of a few above the ignorance of many (with some knowledge or not).

I just have to say:
Thanks for inlight me, and keep doing it.

Its good to see the world with my eyes after your work.

Leonardo – Brazil

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