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Jan 30, 2013

You have become somewhat of a hero of mine. I have never been a religious person, I remember when I was younger (I’m 19) I wondered why I didn’t go to church (as some of my friends did) and why I knew nothing of the 'good word’ of the Lord.

Over the past few months I have read 'The God Delusion’, Christopher Hitchin’s 'God Is Not Great’ and I have just begun 'The Greatest Show On Earth’. It’s strange now getting into arguments with Creationists or Evangelist’s because I seem to know more about their religion then they do.

I admire what you are doing and would love to help out in some way (I live in Australia, what avenues would I should I explore to help the fight against organized religion?).

Essentially I’m writing to congragulate you on your work, I look forward to whatever you release in the future and I’m hoping you will return to Australia soon.

Keep up the good work


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