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Jan 30, 2013

Dear sir,

I am a fourth year medical student in Jordan, Middle East, and I don't believe in God. It was an honor to read your book The God Delusion (which was hard to get in Jordan). I am living in a society that can't even tolerate the idea of Evolution or any scientific facts that disproves the existence of God. Before reading your book I always tried to convince the people around of the Fact of Evolution, but now reading your book has enlightened me that it would be impossible for those poor minds to accept the over whelming scientific facts of Evolution.

It worries me that the religious movement in Jordan is increasing by folds every year, and it's becoming intolerable not just living among them, but a single look at them gives me the creep. I only have one person (who shares my believes living in Jordan) to turn into to tell about my views which are extremely rejected and may get us killed for. Even in our education in Medical school, they teach us Evolution and the students choose to block their minds and never question the divinity of their God. It is frustrating to watch the human mind in this state. Changing this part of the world is impossible thing to do, and I don't see this day coming, not in my life time any way.

I wish a day, that life is appreciated because it's just life nothing more, and we could look at a flower and admire its beauty without admiring its deluded God.



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