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Jan 30, 2013

hello 🙂 my name is Danielle…. i grew up in a Christian home, and that was all i ever knew. I'm almost 15 now, and till now, I've just accepted my parents religion. I go to The Christian Academy, and in one of my classes, we watched a documentary about some religious proof for God or something, and it made you look like SUCH a terrible person. i always try to see things from everyone's point of view before deciding how i feel about what they say, and i got my hands on a book of yours. The God Delusion. i love it!! haha i love the sarcasm you use, and how you don't care what people say, you just say what you believe. i now call myself an Atheist, thanks to you. my family isn't very happy about that.. but… oh well 🙂 you really are my hero. you saved me from wasting my entire life. i really hope you write back, it would mean a lot. also… even though im not a Christian, i still think there is a lot you can learn from the bible. like… Jesus is also my hero. i strive to be like him. I don't believe he was God's son, but… i do believe he was a really loving person, and i admire how he had such passion that he actually DIED for what he believed in. even if you just look at him as…. like, a character from a book. if you've read “To Kill A Mockingbird” it's sort of like that. Atticus was a made up character, but, you can still learn from him. you could learn a lot about humanism from him. my mom says atheists are “wise fools” because they can “make lies sound reasonable, but also 'a fool says in his heart there is no God.'” but, i dont think so. haha i was reading the hate mail on your website… funny how people who consider themselves to be followers of such a loving and nice man as Jesus, but can sit there and cuss you out and tell you to “die slowly.” that was really amusing. ok, sorry for wasting your time 🙂 thanks so much for helping me see the other options out there. Love you 🙂

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