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Jan 30, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,

I'd really like to thank you for doing what you do. I studied evolutionary biology as part of my undergraduate and graduate work, and evolution and science are very dear to me. But I had always assumed it was out of the question to argue against religion with religious folk as a matter of polite society (or against creation with creationists as a matter of emotional self-preservation). I've been exploring your work recently, and as a result I feel more informed and empowered to discuss these things that may not be politically genteel but are vitally important to our moral and intellectual health, as a country and as a species. I don't know if I'm ready to actively seek out these arguments yet, but with some more reflection on everything I've learned in my short 29 years, and some more critical consideration of the really thoughtful and thorough logic you present, I'm comforted knowing it's possible. I also sort of feel a call, to take up my responsibility as a rational person who loves science, to help by taking some of the heat with all those who stand up to ignorance, to stop being paralyzed by politesse and take a few risks in the interest of reaching out with reason!

So really, seriously, thank you.

All the best,

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